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Pasión Vega


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Pasión Vega & Dúo del Valle presents

{Letters from New York}

Who could resist Pasión Vega’s voice? For the Spanish, Pasión is “The silken voice”. Pasión sings and even more, Pasión counts. Neither her countless awards, nor achievements such as her gold and platinum discs, or even her Grammy nomination suffice to describe the bewitching power of this young, multi-talented, elegant performer. Since 2001 she has been working with Sony Music and she continues to cast her spell from the stages of Spain and Latin America.

This time Pasión Vega comes accompanied by two pianists, the Del Valle Duo. “Fire, energy, sincerity, emotion…” “ two prodigious young musicians who sound like the Vienna Philharmonic,” “ two magnificent pianists whose music pierces your soul.” After triumphing in many different international competitions, the Del Valle brothers have conquered the most important stages in theatres across Europe and Latin America with their vital and daring performances, so full of humour and limitless expressive power.

The capacity for dialogue and musical curiosity on the part of these three performers, together with their ability to negotiate with ease the common area that connects classical and popular music, have given rise to an innovative and exciting spectacle: jazz, fado, tango, Spanish song, klezmer, music-hall … these are fused in a new kind of concert, an unrepeatable blend of music and theatre under the stage direction of Vanessa Martínez and with musical arrangements by Alberto Martín Diaz. This is direct, exciting music which, on the stage, loses the severe restrictions associated with its labels and which invites us to enjoy a free and untrammeled musical journey.

The established quality of the performers and the mastery of composers such as Falla, Lorca, Halffter and Satie are combined with the skill and originality of a script and elegant staging that involve the audience in the task of solving an enigma. Triggered by “mysterious” objects and letters found in a “magic” trunk in New York, a discussion develops which seeks to discover the identity of its owner. Who could this trunk have belonged to?

Two Pianos with Passion “Letters from New York” offers us a selection of songs which, after decades of connecting with successive generations of listeners, now return enriched by an entirely new presentation to delight new audiences.

pasionEvery good trip, for its own sake and if you want it full of adventures, requires a new place to go to and, of course, the right companion to share maps, doubts, secrets, fears… apart from discovery and laughter.

This new venture is for me a time travel through music, the opportunity to glimpse the beauty of songs from which springs the fountain of youth and which remain, after a century, and touch your heart exactly the same way as in their premiere.

We won’t carry much luggage so nothing can tempt us to linger, thus being forced to look for new destinations but, as I was saying, I’m not travelling on my own. Company is essential when travelling and mine won’t leave you indifferent: two young men from Malaga with the whole world inside their pianos; two revolutionary musicians with their hearts on fire, two magnificent performers whose honesty and emotion will stir your soul… The “valley” (del Valle) and the “plain” (Vega): DOS PIANOS CON PASION.”

Pasión Vega

Finding out the final motivation of a project is always difficult. In fact, a project is always changing; it starts changing from the very moment the idea comes to your mind and, as in life, is in constant evolution until it is fulfilled.

In life, everything we do stems from the need, and in music that need is to establish direct communication with the audience in order to send them a message: fragments of our vision of the world, our emotions, our dreams, our fears, our achievements, our memories with their scents, textures, sounds and colours… Thus, our need leads to the fusion of different kinds of music to share with the audience the feelings they evoke.

We are the kind of pianists who are considered “classical” because of our education in classical or “cult” music and our devotion to it (which also provide pleasure and personal enrichment). But lately we have been feeling the need to approach other musical styles, and surely this venture with Pasion (never a more appropriate name for an artist) is the natural result. It’s going to be a new “life” full of music, like the one we have lived up to now, but not only classical: an embrace between classical and popular music, from our country and from others; an embrace comprising jazz, flamenco, folk, klezmer, fado, music hall and everything resulting from this endless creative process… A union of visions and talents, an experience meant to be fully shared and enjoyed. It will be all that and, at the same time, simply music, simply art, born from the need to transmit…”

Víctor y Luis del Valle

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